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Joining Sol-team means joining a community engaged alongside Solthis, a community convinced of the need to act for access to health care for all in Africa. Joining  Sol-team means sharing a little of your time and skills or becoming a relay for our publications.

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I was delighted to support Solthis in the promotion of its fundraising campaign against COVID-19 on social media, both on technical but also editorial and strategic aspects. I am eager to continue our collaboration, because yes, we are stronger together and yes, solidarity must be expressed every day, outside any crisis context.

Céline Fernandez

Digital Communication Manager at Thales

We are delighted to accompany Solthis in the development of its digital communication this year. Sharing our expertise with Solthis is a great opportunity for us to be at the service of international solidarity and to contribute, through digital innovation, to the sustainable commitment of all to meet the health challenges in Africa.

La Netscouade

Digital Agency for corporate commubnication

For several years now, I have been involved in the organisation of various events for the benefit of Solthis, particularly in the field of music. With a few faithful friends and a professional pianist – there are twelve of us – we create musicals and we will play our latest creation for Solthis by mobilising our networks and friends to collect donations. “Come and laugh and support Solthis “: it’s a great project that allows us to promote and financially support this beautiful NGO while living our passion for music.

Henri Balbaud

HBRH Conseil Manager, consultant in human ressources and communication

During my studies, I was delighted to join Solthis as a volunteer to support the communication and fundraising department. It is an assignment that has enabled me to acquire new skills and share my time to help with translation, updating the website and producing communication materials.


Marketing, Social Media, and Hospitality